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Crosstalk for webOS enables easy Wi-Fi file sharing between devices

HP is holding a big webOS shindig tomorrow, and we're hoping that means the release of webOS 2 for the original Pre, Pre Plus and Pixi is imminent. Why? Because it means all webOS users will get to enjoy some slick, new apps like Crosstalk.

Designed for the new OS, Crosstalk enables users to share files from their webOS devices with nearby friends (who also happen to be using a webOS 2 device). Fire up the app, tap "friends near me," and then tap Share to get the ball rolling. Your pals can then download media stored on your device via your Wi-Fi network.

Crosstalk is a homebrew app, so you won't find it in the App Catalog. Instead, you'll need to use webOS Quick Install (WOSQI) -- but developer Jason Robitaille recently added webOS 2+ support to the app, so it's ready to push all the homebrew apps you can throw at it onto your HP/Palm hardware.

Check out the video after the break to see Crosstalk for webOS in action!

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