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Alien Dalvik to enable Android apps on any smartphone?

There's already been talk of RIM using the Dalvik VM which powers Android in its upcoming OSes -- and as a result you may be able to run Android apps on your BlackBerry PlayBook. Now the Myriad Group has demonstrated their virtual machine wizardry with Alien Dalvik (built on its Dalvik Turbo remix) -- by making it run unmodified Android apps on a Nokia N900 under MeeGo.

Myriad -- the group behind Dalvik Turbo -- will show off what it can do at the upcoming Mobile World Congress. The official press release also states that Alien Dalvik for MeeGo will be available later this year with other smartphone OS support to follow. Will this let you run your favorite apps on a jailbroken iPhone, Windows Phone 7 device, or BlackBerry? Who knows, but we're certainly anxious to find out.

Check out the demo video after the break -- it's a pretty impressive display of what's coming.

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