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Worms brings classic trajectory warfare to webOS

While those of us with first generation webOS devices like the Palm Pre and Pixi wait for our shiny, new OS to arrive, it helps to have some diversions on hand to help pass the time. Chances are good you already picked up Angry Birds, but now there's a another addictive, trajectory-based game ready to devour your free time in the App Catalog: Worms.

Yes, Electronic Arts has brought the classic team combat game to webOS in all its cartoony glory. Loads of new characters and goodies have been added, and Worms is still every bit as enjoyable today as it was when first arrived back in 1995. For just $2.99 in the App Catalog, Worms for webOS is well worth picking up.

Check out the demo video after the break to see what you're in for!

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