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Switching to Mac? There's an app for that

For a limited time only, you can get your hands on Learn the Switch to Mac for just $0.99 -- from the Mac App Store, of course. The app is designed for simpleton Windows types that lack the requisite cranial capacity to understand the Macintosh's complex and mysterious user interface.

Learn the Switch to Mac is basically a series of screencast video tutorials that walk you through each of Mac OS X's features, from using Finder and iChat, through to setting up Time Machine and manipulating Spaces. You are guided by the disembodied head of Saied, your personal instructor, who for some reason isn't wearing a Jobsian black sweater. To aid with the switching, Saied first focuses on the similarities and differences between Windows and Mac, and then pushes on with Mac-specific features.

For the sheer number of video tutorials that the app includes, it's surely worth 99 cents. Whether you're a new Macite looking for enlightenment, or you're holding the hand of a new convert, just buy it -- what've you got to lose?

Incidentally, according to TUAW, the price will eventually rise to $24.95, though there's no details of when the increase will actually occur. There's a video of Learn the Switch to Mac after the break.

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