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AppBrain direct push-to-device app installation returns, emasculates Google's Android Market

The supremo Android app discovery site, AppBrain, has re-enabled direct push-to-phone app install functionality.

Like before, you still need to install the Fast Web Installer app and AppBrain app on your Android device (QR codes after the break). You also need to open the Fast Web Installer app on your phone and give it permission to install apps. Then, it's simply a matter of clicking 'Install' on the AppBrain website and waiting a few seconds for the app to whiz its way across the interwebs to your device.

It's worth noting that you can now uninstall apps from the AppBrain control panel, too -- or mass-install apps on a new phone!

You still can't use the AppBrain website to buy apps -- and apps that aren't available in your territory will simply fail to transfer. Still, there's no avoiding the fact that this simple change makes Google's first-party Android Market website all but useless.

There's a video of AppBrain's push-to-device Fast Web Installer after the break.

Fast Web Installer


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