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Cooliris Liveshare brings slick group photo sharing to Windows Phone 7

Liveshare by Cooliris has been a popular way to share photos with friends for iOS and Android users for some time. Now, the company has released a Windows Phone 7 app -- and it's a must-have app for WP7 socialites who love to snap pics on the go.

Sign in to the app via your Facebook account, then head to Liveshare's personal screen to create a new photostream. If you're creating a stream, Liveshare lets you invite Facebook friends (you can also search if your list is particularly lengthy). Get the ball rolling by taking a new pic or uploading an existing one, and the stream updates in realtime on

The app also features public streams, which are a very cool way for people attending the same event or hanging out in the same place to share pics in one easy-to-access location. The live page presumably shows what users are uploading to various Liveshare streams right now, but the page was always blank for me.

Liveshare is a free app, and you'll find it in the Zune Marketplace (or download it via WP7applist). The Tag code is after the break for those who prefer to scan-and-install!

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