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LinkedIn Skills launches to help skill sets and trends stand out

LinkedIn Skills
LinkedIn, the professional networking site, has announced the launch of LinkedIn Skills, a new feature that lets you take a close look at data about individuals' skills. You can see who has a particular skill, and how the landscape of skills and expertise is changing over time.

You can now search for a particular skill (as seen in the image above), and LinkedIn will show you key people who have that skill, top locations, related companies (which you can choose to follow with one click straight from the search results page), relevant jobs, and groups where people with that skill can be found. You can also explore skills similar to the one you've searched for, and even compare their growth relative to each other. Finally, LinkedIn now indicates which skills are trending on the network.

To get a better idea of how this works, just take a look at some of the skills that LinkedIn has already been tracking, such as iPhone, Android, Hadoop, Java, Physical Therapy or Ballet.

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