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How to start, stop and search for torrents on the move

This week's series of tips is all about downloading files via BitTorrent. We'll highlight ways in which to torrent more efficiently, obtain higher download speeds, and generally make the whole process easier. For more tech tips, check our Tips index.

Did you know that almost every BitTorrent client has an API that allows Web-based control panels and smartphone apps to directly tap into your torrents? Have you ever seen a poster or billboard for something shiny, and felt suddenly compelled to download something?

Before we get started, make sure you have access to your Internet router. You will need to set up some port forwarding -- and if you don't know how to do that, check PcWinTech for a guide, or type your router's name into Google. For uTorrent, you will need to forward port 8080; Transmission uses 9091.

Now, find a combination that matches your needs: If you're an Android user, Transdroid is truly fantastic. Not only does it let you stop and start torrents that are running on your desktop PC at home, but you can also search for new torrents and add them to your download queue. The Web interfaces are pretty good too, iPhone users, so don't despair!

Finally, it's worth noting that the console-based Linux client rTorrent will also connect to Transdroid, and it has a Web interface.

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