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The Daily, Rupert Murdoch's iPad newspaper, becomes Apple's first subscription app

After much fanfare and some delays, Rupert Murdoch and News Corp. have launched The Daily, the first "iPad newspaper." The Daily is the first app to take advantage of a new subscription model in Apple's App Store, with each edition automatically pushed to subscribers as soon as it comes out. The low weekly 99 cents price should convince many skeptics to give The Daily a trial run, but what will they be paying for?

Plenty of video, for one thing. The Daily seems to be focusing on multimedia and social media content, pulling in relevant Twitter feeds and making everything shareable. Yes, the Daily will only publish on the iPad, but you'll be able to share some stories via Facebook and Twitter and let friends view them on the web. That's surprising and refreshing, considering Murdoch's pro-paywall stance. Perhaps he's finally learned that you need to let people share your stories if you want anyone to read them.

To hook new readers, the first two weeks of the Daily will be free, and the first edition (featuring a cover story about the turmoil in Egypt) is available now via the App Store. Check out a video tour of The Daily after the jump.

The Daily iPad App

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