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IE8 biggest grower in January, while Chrome hits 10% and iOS devices reach 2%

It's the beginning of a new month, and as always, Net Applications has published its findings from the last 30 days. They're slightly more exciting than usual, too: Chrome gained 0.72% to arrive at 10.7%, while Internet Explorer 8 gained a massive 1.15% to sit pretty at 34.17%. The IE9 beta now accounts for 0.5% usage share worldwide. Firefox lost a small amount of ground and Opera gained a tiny bit.

More interestingly, iOS accounted for 2% of all browsing on the Web in January 2011. The percentage was as high as 10% in Singapore, and 5% in Australia and the U.K. -- the U.S. was above average at 3.4%. Android, despite apparently awesome sales, only accounted for 0.49% of Web browsing -- and as to why its share is so low, we can only really guess. It could be for economic reasons -- Android phones are cheaper, and data packages are expensive -- or perhaps Android phones are being sold in regions without 3G connectivity.

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