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Android Market Web Store finally released, better pricing controls and in-app purchases coming to Market

The Android Market Web Store has finally been released -- you can access it right now:

It's very similar to AppBrain, but you can purchase apps directly from the Web -- and push apps directly to your phone.

Additional features of the Web Store:
  • Lots of developer control to make app pages look attractive
  • The page is laid out intelligently, with links to other apps by the developer, screenshots of the app -- in essence, it's just like any other App Store
  • Sharing tools are built-in -- easy to send apps to friends, via Twitter, email
  • If you open a Web Store link on your phone, it opens the Market -- genius!
  • You can sort apps in a variety of ways -- compatibility (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.), popularity, and so on
  • You can see all of your installed/purchased apps -- just like AppBrain
Better monetization features are coming, too. In-app payments are coming -- and the whole 'buying something in another currency' issue will be alleviated with "Buyer Currency Support." (I'm not exactly sure how this will help, but it sounds like it will prevent those nasty cross-currency charges and exchange rates that those of us in Europe have been enjoying.)

There are some screenshots of in-app purchases, and Tap Tap Revenge for Android, after the break.

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