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Mozilla's Do Not Track header appears in nightly Firefox builds, does nothing

If you're into pointless displays of solidarity, the latest nightly builds of Firefox 4 beta 11 now include the option of turning on the Do Not Track (DNT) header. With Google's launch of its Do Not Track extension last week, this now means that we're only waiting on IE9's Tracking Protection Lists.

While this change to Firefox successfully sends the DNT HTTP header with every request, it's up to websites and advertising companies to respond to the header in a suitable fashion -- i.e. by not sending out the normal tracking cookies. There are currently no known sites that acknowledge the new header.

Still, if you want to turn it on -- beardies unite!! -- you can find the option under Tools > Options > Advanced, in the General tab. If enough Firefox users start using the DNT header it will not go unnoticed! We can start a movement! Liberte! Egalite! DNT!

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