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Google Music and Web-based Android Market to be unveiled tomorrow?

Online Android Market
Google is hosting an Android-related event tomorrow morning at its Mountain View headquarters. This event will involve extensive demos of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the fully tablet-optimized version of the operating system. Yet according to a rumor originating at Android and Me there may be more to it, as a source has said that tomorrow we'll finally see the official announcement of Google Music and the Web-based front end to the Android Market.

Sneak peeks of both of these were first offered during Google I/O in May of 2010, when Android 2.2 Froyo got its official announcement. However, there hasn't been word on progress for either feature since then.

According to a BusinessWeek article from a few days ago, the hold up with Google Music had to do with (what else?) the labels. It seems that after Android head honcho Andy Rubin got personally involved, an agreement was able to be reached (possibly as recently as last Friday). If past rumors are to believed, Google Music will allow you to store your music in 'the cloud,' and access it from any computer or Android device.

The Web-based Android Market is rather self-explanatory, but it will have the added twist of pushing apps to your device. So you browse the Market on your computer, find an app you want to install, and it instantly gets pushed to your phone and installed, without you even touching your Android device.

In one day, we'll know for sure if today's rumor was substantiated or not, but it's about time that Google finally made these things available, isn't it?

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