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Google Latitude check-ins added to Google Maps for Android 5.1

Google Latitude, Google's location-sharing service, just added the ability to check in at a location. You can now attach place names to your location, rather than just sharing your position on the map. Users of Google Maps for Android 5.1 can take advantage of these new check-ins, which bring Latitude a bit closer to location-based social networks like Foursquare, Gowalla and Facebook Places.

This isn't just Google playing catchup with the location leaders, though. Latitude's check-ins come with some slick features that competitors don't have. For example, you can set up notifications that will prompt you to check in, and turn on automatic check-ins for your favorite locations. Latitude will also automatically check you out of a place when you leave, which is a practical feature when you're actually trying to meet up with friends. Also, Latitude now integrates with Google's Place Pages. If you browse to a Place Page on your Android device, you'll find a button for a one-click check-in. Nice!

Latitude may not have fancy badges and mayorships like its competitors, but it's turning into a great practical tool for sharing your location and coordinating meetups with friends.

For a closer look at the new features in Latitude, check out Google's promo video after the jump.

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