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GNOME 3 Shell now available to test in SUSE and Fedora Live image format

GNOME Shell, the skin on top of the upcoming GNOME 3 desktop manager, can now be easily and safely tested by simply burning a Live CD, making a bootable USB stick, or simply mounting an image in VirtualBox. Fedora, ahead of GNOME 3's adoption in version 15 of the distro, wants people to alpha test with a live image of Rawhide; or if you're not a fan of Fedora, there's also a SUSE-based GNOME 3 Live image.

Both flavors will let you test the upcoming and much-anticipated release of GNOME 3 and Shell without meddling with your current OS -- and you can try it out, irrespective of whether you're currently a Linux users or not.

I've successfully opened both live image ISOs in VirtualBox, so you don't even need to reboot to try out GNOME 3 -- hooray!

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