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Google Docs update brings Collections, Priority Sort, and file previews

Your Google Docs dashboard just got a whole lot easier to use, thanks to a slew of new features. The update includes additional filtering options and Priority Sort -- sort of the Google Docs equivalent of Gmail's Priority Inbox. Priority Sort uses a number of signals to determine which files require your immediate attention. Folders have been replaced by Collections, which are a mashup of both folders and tags. Just as you can slap multiple tags on an email message in Gmail, your Docs files can reside in several Collections.

The preview pane -- which we told you about a little while back -- is now live as well. The preview pane shows thumbnailed images as well as a file's sharing settings and which collection(s) it belongs to. One other minor -- but extremely useful -- addition is keyboard-powered multiple selections. No longer do you have to check multiple boxes. Just hold down shift or control on Windows (as you would do in Explorer) or cmd on Mac.

As with other Google updates, this is being rolled out gradually -- so you'll have to wait patiently for your Docs interface to update to enjoy the new features.

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