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CorelDRAW video tutorial: Add detail to any image using the Mesh Fill tool

This is the third of four weekly CorelDRAW demos/tutorials. The previous two were about making a Polaroid-like image and vectorizing a simple logo.

This week's video is more of a simple demo than a tutorial: One of CorelDRAW's coolest features is the Mesh Fill. Those of you familiar with Adobe Illustrator will recognize the tool instantly: It allows you to add a great level of detail to otherwise simple vector objects. You can take a simple oval and make it into a photorealistic water droplet using nothing but the Mesh Fill tool.

This tool requires a great deal of practice to master – it's not a simple technique. Rather than attempt a complete drawing, I elected to simply show what it can do. If you've never used a vector drawing application before, this video will give you a good idea of what can be done using the Mesh Fill tool. Take the jump to watch the video.

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