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Angry Birds Rio: Rovio secures silver screen tie-in with animated film Rio

Rovio has just announced its first big-money commercial tie-in with upcoming film Rio -- which, rather unsurprisingly, is a film about birds. With the imaginative title Angry Birds Rio, the new game will have a story that revolves around the characters from the film (which comes from the makers of Ice Age!)

It's an all-new game with 45 levels, and it will be available on "smartphones and tablets worldwide." Despite making its debut on the PS3 and PSP, there's no mention of the Angry Birds Rio coming to consoles. The trailer is after the break -- and it's worth watching just for the first few seconds. The game will arrive sometime in March.

In other news, there'll also be a Valentine's Day version of the game. The backgrounds are pink, the birds are pink, and the pigs' defenses are pink. How adorable. Oh, and apparently there's also plans for an animated Angry Birds TV show. Very few details are known as yet, but of course, your trusty Bird Squad will apprise you of any new information.

[Some random trivia: the main character of the film, Blu, is voiced by
Jesse Eisenberg -- who played Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network.]

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