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MPAA and BREIN take down over 50 torrent sites, but nobody knows which ones

The Motion Picture Association of America has taken down 12 U.S. torrent sites in its latest round of anti-piracy complaints, with the help of Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN. The names of the sites haven't been released, but 12 of them were U.S.-based, and 39 were in other countries around the world. The takedowns happened through the standard route of filing copyright complaints with hosting services.

Although this looks like a big bust on paper, no major torrent sites seem to have been affected. On the torrent news and community site TorrentFreak, commenters have been unable to identify a single site that's gone missing in this takedown. TorrentFreak's Ernesto had this to say in his report:
"Twelve torrent sites were wiped from the Internet this week, but there is a catch to this 'unprecedented' action. As often with BREIN-led takedowns, nobody noticed a thing. If a torrent site of any significance goes offline for an hour or two our email inbox is usually alive with reports from readers. Today, however, we received none.
BREIN says it won't release the names of the sites, because it could give them publicity when they pop up with new hosting and new URLs. The MPAA, for its part, hasn't released a statement. With no names published, and no sites reported missing by their users, BREIN's claims that this was one of the most significant torrent site busts ever smell a little fishy.

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