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Skype 5 for Mac leaves beta, now charging for group video calls

Skype 5 for Mac is now out of beta, bringing its shiny new single-window interface to the masses. Early adopters have gotten used to having contacts, chats and video in the same window, but it's a big adjustment for folks who will be upgrading from Skype 2.8.

For people who've been using Skype 5 Beta, the final version has some pluses and minuses. The good news is that Skype has slimmed down the huge main window from the beta, and decreased the (frankly enormous) amount of whitespace in the contact list and the chat interface. The bad news is that the new group video calling feature has become part of the Skype Premium package, so you'll need a $4.99 day pass or an $8.99 monthly subscription to use it. If you haven't tried out group video chat yet, you still have a chance: new users will get 7 days free.

For a closer look at Skype for Mac 5, check out Skype's promotion video, embedded after the break.

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