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Run Android 2.3 Gingerbread on your x86 computer

Sure, Android is designed to run on ARM devices, but that doesn't mean it can't run on an x86 system. Older versions of Android were ported, so it's no surprise to see that an enterprising developer has managed to put together a working version of Gingerbread which you can install on your desktop or laptop.

You'll need a 64-bit build environment and the Java 1.6 to get the ball rolling, and you shouldn't expect all your hardware to work. At the moment, only wireless and audio are working -- but that's certainly enough to let you play around with Gingerbread and enjoy the experience a little. Head on over to developer cwhuang's site [machine translated] for more details, as well as the Git repo link you'll need to pull down his Gingerbread x86 code.

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