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Google censors torrent, download terms from suggestions and Instant

It's pretty common for Google to revise its suggestion blacklist, adding in new terms that the company feels shouldn't appear. With the most recent update, you'll no longer see terms related to downloading -- terms such as torrent, RapidShare, and Megaupload. Why?

Google, indexing torrent sites and facilitating piracy, has been given plenty of flack from just about anyone with a copyright. It makes Google complicit, copyright holders argue. Fine, Google says, we won't suggest them any more when a users enters something like "Ubuntu tor."

Don't fret, searchers, you can still get your results. It just means you have to type "Futurama torrent" and hit enter instead of "Futurama to" and then pausing while Instant loads up what is probably the most commonly used pairing on Google anyway.

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