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AV-Test year-end report shows exponential growth of malware

Now, we don't need fancy graphs to tell us that malware is all over the place -- but it's certainly eye-opening to see just how bad the problem has gotten. Unique samples gathered by AV-Test Labs this year nearly doubled in 2010 -- to almost 20 million, up from 12 million in 2009. That's no doubt due to the ever-morphing horde of rogue applications, which now include bogus system tune-up software in addition to the traditional fake antivirus programs we have come to despise.

Thankfully, security vendors have really stepped up their game in the last two years. Clearly they're going to need to keep churning out smarter, more adaptive, and just plain better apps to keep users protected.

Those of you who want to read the full report can download the Excel sheet, courtesy Sunbelt Software.

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