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IRS2Go app for iPhone and Android makes filing your taxes less taxing

IRS2Go for iOSThe United States Internal Revenue Service has launched a mobile application for iOS and Android, hoping to make dealing with taxes less stressful. The app is called IRS2Go and lets all taxpayers access helpful information.

Entering your Social Security Number, which will be masked and encrypted by the app, along with your filing status and expected refund amount, will result in the app showing you exactly when you'll receive that refund check. If you file your federal taxes electronically (and the IRS says that about 70% of all individual tax returns were done so last year), then you can check when your refund is due within 72 hours of the IRS sending you the email that acknowledges the receipt of your tax return. Those still filing on paper will need to wait three to four weeks after doing so before being able to learn when the refund check will arrive.

Aside from providing the refund status, IRS2Go also lets you subscribe to tax tips. These are updated each day during the tax season, and less frequently throughout the rest of the year. IRS2Go also lets you easily access the agency's Twitter feed, which provides even more tips for filing your taxes quickly and easily.

In the future, the IRS will "look for additional ways to expand and refine" the "use of smartphones and other new technologies to help meet the needs of taxpayers," IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman has told CNET.

Download IRS2Go for iOS from the iTunes App Store
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IRS2Go App for iOS

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