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Google outlines big Android Market changes, unhappy with lagging app purchases

Google is apparently not happy with app sales in its Android Market, and it's starting to make changes to help out developers. Android platform manager Eric Chu, speaking at the Inside Social Apps conference, described the steps Google will take, including an in-app payment system, and the possibility of more carriers allowing users to put app purchases directly on their phone bills.

In-app purchases can be a goldmine for developers, as some iPhone devs have discovered. Allowing Android app makers to hawk new add-ons, in-game gear and other virtual goods should be good for business. Although, as Engadget points out, it means fewer full-featured apps in the store, and more cheap or free apps with important features you have to pay to unlock.

Meanwhile, to help weed out bogus apps and highlight the best apps in the Market, Google will throw more human reviewers into the mix. Hopefully this should help developers get paid and give them an incentive to keep making good apps.

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