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Twitter Tuesday: Twitter blocked in Egypt, PostUp buys UberTwitter, Birdsong for WP7 launches

It's Tuesday again, which means it's time to bring you the latest Twitter news and apps. First up this week is the Egyptian government's efforts to block Twitter after anti-government protestors used social media to organize a huge protest in Cairo today. Photos and updates from the protest have been going out under hashtags including #jan25, #egyrevolt and #egypt.

The block seems to be affecting users on the ground, though. A tweet from Vodafone Egypt confirms that Twitter access has been blocked in Egypt, but not by Vodafone. "It's a problem all over Egypt and we are waiting for a solution," says the tweet. Not every social website is blocked, though, apparently: UStream has a live feed of the protests from downtown Cairo.

Of course, if Twitter is considered dangerous enough to block, that might be evidence for Biz Stone's thesis that it can be used as a tool for activism, protest, or even revolution.

PostUp Buys UberTwitter BlackBerry Twitter Client, Changes Company Name to UberMedia

UberTwitter, one of the most popular BlackBerry Twitter apps, has just been acquired by PostUp, the makers of Echofon and Twidroyd. The company is changing its name to UberMedia, presumably because there are no longer any trademark issues. UberMedia's stable of Twitter apps makes it a significant presence on three of the biggest smartphone platforms, and it also has advertising products, a media preview product that's integrated into its Twitter apps, and an advertising network that lets you pay to get more followers.

The math here isn't complicated. UberMedia displays ads from its FollowMe network within its Twitter clients, which brings the advertisers more followers. Buying up already-popular Twitter clients (Echofon earlier this month, and now UberTwitter) in order to reach users on new platforms equals more ad views and more followers sold. Of course, the users win, too, because Ubermedia can't sell ads without making sure their apps are good enough to stay popular.

Birdsong is a New Twitter App for Windows Phone 7

If, like many people, you're not impressed with Twitter's official Windows Phone 7 application, you should give Birdsong a look. This brand-new WP7 Twitter client features customizable home screen timelines -- including lists and search results -- and a compact status bar at the top of the screen, that shows your numbers of unread tweets, DMs, mentions and search results.

It's also got other features you'd want in a modern Twitter client, like integrated picture viewing, an integrated web browser for following links, and local caching so you can view tweets offlline. Birdsong is priced at a reasonable $1.99.

Auto Follow Friday Lets You Tweet A Follow Friday List in Seconds

Follow Friday is a Twitter tradition where user post lists of folks they think everyone should be following. Personally, I think anyone who sends a Follow Friday tweet should take some time curating it, but if you'd rather just give props to the people you interact with most on Twitter, a new tool called Auto Follow Friday lets you do it automatically. Just put in your username, and Auto Follow Friday will generate a list of the people you've @replied to most often in your 100 latest tweets. If you like the list, click "tweet this." Bada bing, bada boom. That's it ... until next Friday, of course.

Apple Launches Official App Store Twitter Account, With Exclusive Deals

Apple has just started tweeting from a new @AppStore account, which promises new apps and exclusive offers. The App Store account is one of Apple's very few official Twitter accounts, which include "iTunes Trailers" and "iTunes TV." So far, the App Store account has posted 9 tweets. There've been no deals so far, just an introductory tweet and eight app recommendations, so it's not clear whether there will be Twitter-exclusive sales or just announcements of discounted apps.

Sadly, this is going to be my last Twitter Tuesday. On the plus side, though, we'll be posting Twitter news as it happens, which should only be a good thing for Download Squad readers! Thanks for a good run, everybody.

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