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Touchégg assigns actions to multitouch gestures on your Linux system

Canonical demonstrated Ubuntu 10.10's multitouch functionality a few months back. If you haven't felt compelled to play with it before, a new app called Touchégg might provide a little extra incentive. It's an open source project which lets you define custom actions and execute them with a touch gesture. Canonical's uTouch gesture library is required, but it should already be installed if you're using Ubuntu 10.10 or a derivative.

Configuring Touchégg requires doing a little text hacking in its config file, but the process is fairly straightforward (as you can see in the video after the break). If you've got a laptop with a multitouch-capable touchpad or a USB input device like Apple's Magic Trackpad hooked up to your Linux box, Touchégg will have you switching workspaces and apps with the flick of a finger (or two or three) in no time.

Check out the screencast after the break -- it's pretty slick, even if you can't see that the gestures are actually being performed.

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