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Theme it brings iOS theming to iPhones via Cydia

Theme it store for iPhone
Theming on iOS really depends on whether you've jailbroken your device or not. If not, then changing your wallpaper is about as far as customization goes. If you have chosen to step into the 'dark side', then there are many more options for making your iPhone stand out in the crowd. However, up until today, finding worthwhile themes involved searching for them in the Cydia app store, and that didn't make it as easy as it could be.

Knowing that, FIF7Y has unveiled Theme it -- an app store for iPhone themes only. After almost two months of teasing, it's finally available for jailbroken iPhones, as a native app or as a Web interface (though the website is quite laggy at the moment, being a victim of its own success -- FIF7Y is working on getting it back to normal).

Theme it doesn't focus on quantity, but on quality, and is meant to be a showcase of the 'best' themes for the iPhone. The store features detailed information about each theme -- you can find out before installing whether any theme has support for the Retina Display, for example, and you can see screenshots and info on the artist that has created it.

A short demo video is after the break.

You can get the Theme it app from Cydia if you follow the steps outlined on the Theme it download page. Or you can download it directly from there if you know how to SSH into your iDevice.

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