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Opera for Mac now available as a portable app

Opera Software logoThe latest development snapshot of Opera, 11.01-1179, has finally added support for portable installation into a Mac OS X environment. This effectively means that you can now install and run Opera for Mac from a USB stick or an encrypted disk image.

Full instructions are available after the break, and keep in mind that you will still be able to install Opera into Applications as before -- it's just that now you have another option as well. The latest snapshot also fixes many bugs across all platforms, but support for portable installations on Mac OS X is the only new feature addition.

Download Opera 11.01-1179 for Mac
Here's how to get Opera for Mac on your USB stick:
  • first, download and mount the disk image
  • then drag Opera from the disk image to an USB stick or external drive
  • now open and drag Opera on top of the Terminal window
  • finally, press backspace once then type /Contents/MacOS/Opera -createsingleprofile
You only have to run this once and it will create a hidden folder /Volumes/volume-name/.operaprofile/ that will contain all your bookmarks, settings, mail, and the disk cache.

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