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LauncherPro for Android updated, brings fancy home screen transitions (video)

LauncherPro, the fan-favorite Android home screen replacement, has been updated! This is not the much-hyped complete rewrite of the codebase -- that's coming soon! -- but it does bring one of the most-requested features: home screen transitions.

Rather than tell you all about them, we've made a video that shows off the four new Compiz-like transitions -- it's embedded after the break. Suffice it to say, they're very, very sexy. And elastic-y. The other thing this update ushers in is even smoother app drawer scrolling, which is also shown in the video (though it really is hard to say, objectively, whether it's smoother than before!)

You can download LauncherPro from AppBrain, or scan the QR code after the break.

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