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Internet Archive Wayback Machine introduces new beta version with calendar view

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine uses open source software to search archived webpages going back to the days of the dotcom boom, and it just got a lot more useful with the addition of a new beta version. The beta includes more archived webpages than ever before, as well as a new calendar view that makes it easy to find the specific version of a page you're looking for.

The Internet Archive got the Wayback Machine from Web analytics company Alexa back in 2001, and wrote its own open-source version of the software a few years ago. Until now, not all of the archived webpages had been ported from the proprietary version to the new, open-source Wayback Machine. With the launch of this beta, all of the data from the original Wayback Machine is back in the system.

The calendar view, as the Wayback Machine FAQ explains, "is just cooler." The timeline of available versions of the website -- based on how many times Wayback has crawled the page, not how many times the page has been updated -- is at the top, looking like some kind of 8-bit city skyline, and the size of the blue bubbles on the calendar indicates how many versions of the page are available for a given day.

If you'd still like to use the old version of the Wayback Machine, it's still online at

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