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YouTube rolls out new personalized homepage to all users

YouTube, after testing a redesign of its homepage for quite a while, has now begun the rollout to all YouTube users. The new homepage brings many improvements, all designed to make it more personal to each user.

The 'Videos Being Watched Now' module has been removed, and some modules that haven't seen much use, such as 'Spotlight' and 'Featured Videos' have been moved to the right sidebar, to make room for the main feature of the new homepage: a list of personally relevant videos, made up from recommendations for you, your subscription activity, as well as videos being shared by your friends.

You can filter the homepage to show only the newest content from your subscriptions. And if a channel uploads more than one video in a day, you'll see all those videos on your homepage, as opposed to just one of them in the past. The new homepage knows which videos you've already seen, and they appear grayed out. Videos that you have liked or favorited are always easy to get back to. You can remove any video from the homepage, and you can now quickly get to your inbox when you have new messages or comments.

The new homepage is in the process of being rolled out to all YouTube users, so if you don't see it yet, don't worry, you will soon -- and incidentally, the new features only work while you're logged in.

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