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Play videos and music stored on your Windows 7 computer on a connected TV

Windows 7 makes a number of networking tasks a whole lot easier to tackle -- one of which is sharing the music, movies, and photos stored on your computer with today's network-ready TVs. If your fancy new flatscreen can connect to your wired or wireless network, it can probably also play your Windows 7 media.

To set things up, hit the Windows key and type streaming in the search box. Wait for Media streaming options to appear, then press enter. When the options window appears, look for your TV in the devices list. If the button to the right does not read "allowed," click blocked and change it. As long as your TV supports DLNA, that's all there is to it -- now it's just a matter of finding the right menu with your remote so you can start enjoying your videos!

You even have the option of limiting access to content. Only want videos you've rated 3 stars or better to be available on your living room TV? Don't want your photos displayed there? No problem. Just click the customize... link and check or uncheck a few boxes.

If you want a little more background on Windows 7's media streaming features, check out this post from Microsoft.

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