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PicPlz takes live thumbnail previews to Android and beta tests API

PicPlz for Android live previewsInstagram seems to be the talk of all the cool kids these days, but they forget one thing -- it's still iOS-only, at least for now. One of its major competitors in the mobile image sharing with filters space is PicPlz, which has apps for both iOS and Android. Just last week, the PicPlz app for iOS received many improvements, and today they have made the jump to Android.

PicPlz for Android now includes the new live thumbnail previews, which let you easily see how any given photo would appear after having any of the app's different filters applied. You can see a glimpse of this at work in the screenshot to the right. Alongside this feature, there are many improvements and bug fixes in this release. The camera view no longer turns the brightness up to 100%, the camera will now always properly detect the flash state on start-up, an issue with notifications not clearing from the status bar has been fixed, and so has a rare crash on sign up.

The next PicPlz release for Android will be much faster to work with, and will come with browsing improvements.

As a developer, you can now apply to access the all-new PicPlz beta API. Do so here. Instagram is also expected to release an API at some point, but having one ready first is another bold step for PicPlz -- and surely many apps that take advantage of it will pop up out of nowhere very soon.

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