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Microsoft blames third party for Windows Phone 7 3G data issue

Windows Phone 7Last week, Microsoft launched an investigation into an apparent Windows Phone 7 bug that caused some users to experience mysterious, unexplainable data transmission over 3G (up to 50 GB of data in some cases) even when connected to Wi-Fi. Yesterday, the results of that enquiry were divulged to the Seattle PI and as it turns out, it's someone else's fault:
"We have determined that a third-party solution commonly accessed from Windows Phones is configured in a manner that potentially causes larger than expected data downloads. We are in contact with the third party to assist them in making the necessary fixes, and are also pursuing potential workarounds to address the configuration issue in case those are needed."
Microsoft won't say which third-party application is the culprit, and its also not ruling out other potential sources, as they are "continuing to investigate this issue." According to Microsoft, only a small percentage of WP7 users were affected by this potentially costly issue, which is probably why it took this long to come to light. Let's hope this brings a swift end to WP7's data issues, and that networks take a lenient view on those who have been caught out by this bug.

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