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Camino open source OS X web browser reaches 2.1 Alpha 1

camino 2.1 alpha 1
Camino, the lightweight, open source Web browser for OS X, has just reached version 2.1 Alpha 1. This release contains significant new features, including improvements to autocompletion and plug-in management, a new offline mode, and the ability to hide the status bar. Camino has also been upgraded to version 1.9.2 of Gecko (Mozilla's rendering engine of choice). That means better compatibility with the latest Web standards and faster JavaScript performance compared to the current stable version of Camino, 2.0.6.

The new autocomplete behavior in Camino's address bar very sensibly checks against your bookmarks and location history, and has the ability to match both page titles and URLs. That's a combination that should help autocomplete work the way you expect it to. Effective autocomplete sounds like a small thing, but some other browsers have had problems with it. On the plug-in front, Java has been disabled by default. That sounds a bit strange, but it's actually good security, as Java has been identified as a serious attack vector for Mac-targeting malware.

Camino still doesn't have add-ons, and it probably never will. It's meant to be the fastest, least system-intensive browser on your Mac, and it looks like version 2.1 is keeping that focus.

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