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Cloud-based file sharing and collaboration service is getting a nice-looking revamp with additional features and better usability. The new Box starts rolling out tomorrow, but a rundown of the new features is up today on the Box blog. It starts with a cleaner UI that makes room to display more files at once, and more info about each file.

The new UI highlights frequently-used sharing and tagging features, making it easier to work with large lists of files. It also adds a "discussions" tab to each folder, allowing you to post and reply to comments on all of your files. This takes Box up a notch as a collaborative tool, especially when combined with Box's new apps marketplace. The apps marketplace offers an easy way to browse the apps that work with Box, including iPhone and Android apps, CRMs like Salesforce, and e-signature services like DocuSign and Echosign.

Box's new features seem geared toward enterprise users -- there's even a new admin panel for Box's various enterprise pages -- but the average Box user with a free account should be happy, too.

There's a video that shows off some of the things Box will be rolling out in the next month after the break.

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