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Starbucks now lets you pay from your iPhone or BlackBerry

starbucks card mobileWhile paying for goods from your phone my be common elsewhere in the world, it's been slow to catch on here in North America. Starbucks, however, may well have gotten the ball rolling, with the release of a pair of apps for iPhone and BlackBerry users.

Drop Starbucks Card Mobile onto your smartphone, and you'll be able to load it with funds and pay at more than 7,500 locations in the U.S. Just tap the button to pay, and Starbucks Mobile Card creates a barcode which your server can then scan to debit your account. NFC support may be added later, as hardware adds that functionality and customer demand increases.

In case you can't simply look over your shoulder and see at least one Starbucks, the app also has a built-in location finder. Starbucks is confident the apps will be a hit with customers, who currently pay for 1 in 5 purchases using reloadable Starbucks cards.

Starbucks Card Mobile iPhone App

Download Starbucks Mobile Card for iOS [iTunes]
Starbucks Mobile Card for BlackBerry

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