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Starbucks Card app now available for Android, too -- unofficially

Earlier today, we reported on the launch of Starbucks Card apps for BlackBerry and iPhone. You may have noticed that Android owners were conspicuously missing from the "pay-for-coffee-with-your-phone" club. Not to worry, though: there's an unofficial Android app, too: Starbucks Card Widget.

Starbucks Card Widget lets you see your card balance and recent transactions, reload your card from your phone, and pay for your Starbucks purchases. Coming soon, the app will also let you keep track of your Starbucks Gold Card points and transference balances among multiple Starbucks cards.

It was created by an independent developer who wasn't too impressed by similar apps -- including Starbucks' official iPhone apps -- and wanted to combine the best features of each into a nice, ad-free package. This unofficial app is unique in that it can handle multiple cards, has a home screen widget, and offers turn-by-turn directions to the nearest Starbucks.

You can get Starbucks Card Widget right now in the Android Market, or by scanning the code below.

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