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RealPlayer for Android gets an improved interface, landscape mode, and more

The RealPlayer app for Android has gotten a major update, and it's all because of user input! OK, so Real may be playing that angle up a bit in its official blog post, but it's clear from playing with the updated media app that it's taking suggestions and criticism seriously.

In addition to a generally improved and more polished interface, RealPlayer for Android has added a landscape "now playing" mode and playlist support (music only for now). There's also a new homescreen widget that allows you to skip forward or back, pause, and resume playback. Tapping the track information zips you back to the player. You can also now tap and hold a song, video, or image to delete it from your device.

Some features are still missing -- I'd like to be able to share what I'm listening to from the Now Playing view, for example. I'd also appreciate something happening when I tap the search button on my Incredible. With a large media collection on your device, built-in search in RealPlayer would be a major bonus. Real seems determined to deliver an app that will be worth using, so it's likely these features -- and any others suggested by the community -- will arrive in a future update.

Download RealPlayer Beta for Android [AppBrain]

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