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GNOME 3 website now live, tries a bit too hard to be cool, looks like Unity

New, clean-and-simple HTML5 websites are obviously in this week: GNOME, one of the most popular desktop environments for Linux, has just released a new website to celebrate the features of version 3, which will be released in April.

With phrases like "SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL" and "DISTRACTION-FREE COMPUTING" plastered all over the site it's obvious that GNOME not only likes capital letters, but that it's also trying to capitalize on the recent movement towards simpler, less-shiny interfaces. GNOME 3 now has a slogan, too -- "made of easy" -- which, to be honest, feels like it's trying a bit too hard to be cool.

As to GNOME 3's actual features, there's built-in messaging (which presumably works with most IM protocols), and a new notifications system. The system settings panel has been overhauled, and the Windows key has been commandeered to provide quick access to your system: just hit the Windows key and start typing -- like Windows 7 or Vista.

Before we finish, does anyone else think that GNOME 3 looks a lot like Canonical's new Unity? There's side-by-side images of them after the break. GNOME 3's release coincides with Ubuntu 11.04, incidentally -- but, just to reiterate, while Unity will be the default desktop environment in Ubuntu, users will be free to switch to either GNOME or Unity 2D.

If you can't wait until its stable release in April, and you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can build an alpha version of GNOME 3 with JHBuild.

Unity (top) versus GNOME 3 (bottom)

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