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Entire uncensored Playboy library, old and new, coming to iPad

Porn lord Hugh Hefner has just announced, via Twitter, that the recently-digitized entire Playboy catalog will be coming to the iPad. Interestingly, though, he also says that new Playboy content will be coming to the iPad, which suggests it will utilize iOS's upcoming subscription support.

If all that wasn't cool enough, and further confusing Apple's stance on adult content, Hugh also confirmed that his entire opus of porn will be uncensored. Historically, Apple has been incredibly tight when it comes to nudity and sexuality -- but, rather incongruously, the Playboy and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit apps have always remained unscathed. Neither of those apps have full frontal nudity, though, so an uncensored Playboy for iPad app could be a sign that Apple's puritanical policing is being relaxed.

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