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Aldiko Book Reader for Android gains access to public library books, support for PDFs, new UI

Aldiko 2.0 for AndroidAldiko is probably the best-known and most used e-book reading app for Android that isn't Kindle, Kobo, or Nook. The free Aldiko Book Reader has just received a major update, taking it to version 2.0.

The most notable new feature is support for Adobe DRM, which effectively makes Aldiko able to open public library e-books. Instructions for getting such books into Aldiko are waiting for you after the break.

PDFs can now be imported into Aldiko as well as EPUB files, and the whole process is much easier and doesn't involve getting your e-books into a specific folder on your SD card anymore. There's also a new e-book marketplace built into the app, with books from many different book sellers. The whole UI has been improved, and there's now a home screen that lets you quickly get around the app's many features. An advanced library management system is also present, and it lets you sort books by different criteria such as tags and collections.

The reading experience is fully customizable -- everything including font type, size, foreground and background colors, margins, alignment, line spacing, brightness, and orientation can be tweaked to your heart's content. Other features of Aldiko include bookmarking, a dictionary, text search, copy and paste, day and night themes, and sharing your favorite excerpts from a book.

A demo video of Aldiko Book Reader 2.0 is after the break.

You can download Aldiko Book Reader 2.0 from the Android Market, from AppBrain here, or just scan the QR code after the break.
To get a public library e-book, protected by Adobe DRM, into Aldiko, follow these steps:
  • enter your Adobe credentials into Aldiko
  • now, download the .acsm file for for the book from your library (this is not the book, just a key that will let Aldiko access the book)
  • then, copy that file to your SD card
  • next, fire up Astro File Manager (it's available in the Android Market, or get it from AppBrain here), locate your .acsm file, and tap on it
  • if you've already entered your Adobe credentials into Aldiko, the book will be automatically downloaded and added to your shelf
  • read!
Here's the demo video showcasing what's new in Aldiko 2.0:

And here's the promised QR code that you can scan to download the free Aldiko Book Reader for Android:
Aldiko e-book reader for Android QR code

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