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Kinect 3D Viewer now available in Mac App Store, but don't get too excited

Kinect 3D Viewer
The first Kinect app has just popped up in the Mac App Store, but unfortunately it does exactly what its name suggests. Kinect 3D Viewer lets you... view the output from the Kinect depth-sensing camera... in 3D!

It actually has two output options: you can either see a 3D point cloud, which excellently shows off the resolution of depth detection, or you can "view yourself in 3D", which looks very similar to the proof-of-concept Linux/Kinect hacks that we saw in November. There's no information about how the Kinect integration was achieved, but presumably the developers used a Mac port of libfreenect.

Hopefully there will be a follow-up app that actually does something -- but having said that, how many Mac users with Xbox 360s can there possibly be?

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