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Dwolla, the low-fee PayPal alternative, now for Windows Phone 7

A little while back, we told you about Dwolla -- a new payment service with its sights set on challenging PayPal. Dwolla's angle? A flat rate per transaction of $0.25 and no other fees of any kind. It's also integrated with Twitter and Facebook, which makes it easy to send money to (or receive from) the people you're interacting with most online.

Now, Dwolla is expanding its mobile offerings with a new Windows Phone 7 app -- which joins its Android and iOS offerings. Like the Dwolla apps for other mobile platforms, the app provides a simple, straightforward interface which allows you to send payments, check your balance, and view your contacts. Sending a payment is a breeze -- just choose a contact, enter the amount, your pin, and a comment (if any) and you're done. You can also opt to pay the 25-cent fee yourself, or let the recipient absorb it.

Dwolla is a free download and is available now in the Zune Marketplace. The service is currently U.S.-only.

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