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Sorami-skydrive for Android connects to your Windows Live cloud storage for free

SkyDrive is a fantastic cloud storage option that many people still don't know about. With 25GB of free space for your synced files, Hotmail attachments, and Office Web docs, it's worth signing up for an account (if you don't already have a Windows Live passport). What's even better is that SkyDrive storage can be accessed by other apps -- like sorami-skydrive for Android.

Install the app, enter your credentials, then tap the back button, and you've got full access to your SkyDrive storage. Not only can sorami download files, but the app can upload files to SkyDrive from your Android device. You can also create new folders, and the home button quickly returns you to the top level of your SkyDrive folders.

Sorami-skydrive is currently in beta, so expect a few bumps along the way. After creating a new folder, for example, the app became stuck on a 'loading' alert and I had to kill the task. The developer is very responsive to bug reports, however, and sorami-skydrive is improving at a steady pace.

Download sorami-skydrive for Android [AppBrain]

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