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Move Outlook notes to Evernote easily with a free script

Microsoft Outlook lets you export your notes, but your file type choices are pretty limited. The same can be said for Evernote's import feature, which only handles its own export files or Microsoft OneNote 2007 or newer. Thankfully, a gent named Richard was kind enough to point us toward a script he created to make moving notes from Outlook to Evernote as easy as possible.

Download his outlook2evernote ZIP file and run the included VBS. A command prompt window will open, and you'll be prompted to allow access to Outlook -- which you'll want to grant, of course. When the script has completed, an Evernote-ready .enex file will be waiting for you in your Documents folder. All that's left is to hit File > Import in Evernote and you've migrated your Outlook notes.

Richard's script also preserves timestamps and trims the first line of any note which matches the subject. It's a handy little script, and it just works.

Download outlook2evernote

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