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Mflow is a snazzy new music discovery Web app

Mflow is a new music discovery app I came across in the Chrome Web Store -- though as with many "apps" there, it was little more than a bookmark with a pretty icon. In truth, the mflow (yes, it's all lower case...) beta works in any browser.

Sign yourself up, or simply log in with your Facebook account and choose a username. After that, it's all about searching, following, and "flow"-ing. When you flow a track, it gets added to your profile page (here's mine) and you can choose to cross-post it to Facebook, Buzz, or Twitter. You can follow mflow users, artists and hashtags, and updates will appear on your feeds page. Mflow even curates some "official" tags so you can see what its staff is recommending. With a catalog of more than 5 million songs, mflow offers a bit of everything -- though I wasn't able to find a few of my favorite bands like Tool and Rancid. Every song can be streamed or purchased for download, with most priced at £.79 or £.99 (about $1.50 US).

Mflow also features a discovery page which lets you listen to users' recently-flowed songs by hovering over their avatar. Unfortunately, the discover page's massive 22 by 9 grid takes a while to load and feels a bit sluggish once it has finished loading. The experience would also be improved if hovering didn't begin playback but perhaps displayed a list of the user's recently flowed songs -- which you could then click to play.

In order to get some publicity for itself, mflow is offering free tracks for those who share a flow on Facebook or Twitter. Since mflow proclaims itself to be U.K.-only at the moment, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it allowed me to download Fury of the Storm for free after sharing the track on Google Buzz. Mflow will give you up to ten tracks for free, which is enough to make it worthy of at least a quick test drive.

Try out the mflow beta

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