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Windows 98 leads Windows Phone 7 in traffic share

Chitika, which runs an online advertising network utilized by companies such as Hearst Media, has posted some interesting graphs. After analyzing data from more than 100,000 sites in their network, Chitika has concluded that -- somehow -- visits from users running Windows 98 outnumber visits from Windows Phone 7 users by almost 2 to 1.

WP7 is still pretty new of course, and Chitika does state that the latest Microsoft mobile OS is already halfway to surpassing the browser share of all other Microsoft mobile OSes. Chitika saw 10% growth in WP7 usage month-to-month, though that shakes out to .44%, up from .40%.

So, is this an obvious attention grab by Chitika? No doubt. But still, how the heck does Windows 98 still have that much of a presence? Perhaps some people just have a soft spot for DOS-based operating systems...

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