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Firefox 4 beta 9 now available to download

Firefox logoMozilla has just released the latest version of Firefox 4 Beta. As we're now into the closing stretch, there aren't any new or exciting features with this release -- just tweaks and bug fixes. The bookmarks and history code has been overhauled, which will improve browser startup and bookmarking speed (was bookmarking ever slow?). Per-compartment garbage collection has also been enabled, which improves the efficiency of complex animations.

As we reported earlier this week, Firefox 4 is hopefully on target for an end-of-February release. There's still one more beta to pump out, though, and then a release candidate or two. A little bird tells me that the final build of Internet Explorer 9 might also appear around the same time, too...

For more details, check the full Firefox 4 beta 9 release notes.

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